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What is Email?
• A mail, but is sent electronically across the Internet.
• Quickly delivered in seconds or minutes

  • Advantages
– Convenience, Fast speed, Inexpensive, Printable, Reliable, Global, Generality (not limited to text, but graphics, programs, even sounds)
  • Disadvantages
– Misdirection, Interception, Forgery, overload, Funk (Spamming), No response (from the receiver)

What you need is
– The E-mail address of the recipient.
– user@host
• “" is the domain name of the mail server which handles the recipient's mail.
• “Megataman" is the user name of the recipient.
• User name and hostname are separated by

Email server and client
• Email client – software / program that can transfer e-mail from a local host to a local e-mail server.
• Email server – software/program that can send/receive e-mail from/to other email servers.
• Mailbox – An electronic mailbox is a disk file which holds email messages.

Email software (client)
• Graphical Client (User friendly)
• Examples
– Microsoft outlook
– Thunderbird
– Netscape Mail
– etc

Email Software (Server)
• Install the mail server on Linux/Unix or Windows platform.
• Carbon Copy Section (cc)
– Send a message to more than one person, all the recipients will see the list of email addresses.
• Blind Carbon Copy Section (bcc)
– The addresses won’t be seen by the recipients.
– When email is sent to a large group of people who don’t know each other.

Attachment – MIME: Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension
• A protocol for transmitting non-text information across the Internet. Basically, non-ASCII data is converted to ASCII for transmission and then converted back at the receiver.
• A specification for automatically sending objects other than text in email messages.
• MIME is usually associated with multimedia, such as images, audio recordings, and movies.
• Additional hardware and helper software are usually required.
• Common MIME-compliant mailers:
– pine, metamail, Netscape messenger, MS Outlook

how email works.....


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