Thursday, 1 March 2012

Telecommunication? Check it out!!!

We often heard people discussing about telecommunication or saw it in the media but do you really know what telecommunication is all about? Have you ever discussed it or think about it for just one single time in your life? We communicate every single day in our life, no matter with whom, when or where we are but do we really know or take note about what communication is about? People do not really take note about this because nowadays communication activity does not happen on face-to-face basis only. Most of them prefer to use the digital channel because it provides a faster, cheaper and better way to communicate without any regard of the place or time. Even me, who already took Computer System and Multimedia class last semester still do not know what is the exact meaning of these telecommunication stuffs. After taking this class (Telecommunication and Networking), I found out that there are still a lot of things that I need to learn about computers and etc. To all my blog’s visitors, take this chance to know more about computers instead of using it all days without discovering how it works. Please forgive me if any of the facts written by me is wrong because I’m just a student.

As my lecturer explained in the previous class, communication can be defined as the exchange of thoughts or information from one person to another person. Meanwhile, telecommunication is the transfer of data (communication) from a transmitter to a receiver across the distance. You might notice that usually when we talk about telecommunication, some device will appear in your thoughts. For your information, there are 6 elements of computer and communication technology that we need to know. They are:

1) People         - Professional / end user

2) Procedure    - An ordered set of tasks for performing some actions

3) Data          - Information stored in the computer system, used by applications to accomplish tasks

4) Hardware    - Any physical object that are part of the computer systems. Basic operation of computer systems are: IPOS
- There are 5 categories of ICT devices are input, processing, output, storage and communications (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth...etc.)

5) Software  - Written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation a computer system and that are stored in the read/write memory
                        - There are 2 types of software: system software and application software

6) Communication/connectivity – the transmission of data is able

So, I'll continue next time guys...kamsahamnida!!!